The story of a vision

First there was a forest, then came the cultivation of crops, sowing the first seeds of the fertile plain that the Brie later became… It was there that one day in the 21st century, people chose to cultivate one another. A theater sprouted up in the heart of the Sénart. Feeding the soul is a marvelous idea, but it triggers another kind of hunger: the one of food, of encounters, of sharing, and interacting.

Contemporary bistro

This theater – both national and local – needed a belly, a contemporary bistro open to all, a restaurant where one can grab a bite before the show, meet up for lunch, or spend a welcoming evening in an elegant setting, of light and dark wood, surrounded by 1950’s Scandinavian second-hand furniture… and new designers’ creations. And a century-old copper bar, polished with time, under the watchful eye of a festive animal gathering.


Designed with the same mindset as the Bellevilloise in Paris, this new cosmopolitan spot is located under the theater’s steel Totem – thus borrowing its name. The menu naturally offers homemade and fresh, seasonal products alongside a selection of wines and its very own pastries.

The Theater’s belly

Totem isn’t only a contemporary bistro. It breathes life into the theater’s great hall, the intermission bar, the landscaped terrace and patio, accommodating your drink breaks, wifi-work sessions, brainstorming, creative writing, where you can meet at intermission or the end of a performance… You can also choose to simply enjoy these comfortable spaces, filled with light and plants, read a newspaper or cultural/artistic press, sipping or nibbling on something sweet, for a perfect moment, of plain pleasure.