Renaud BARILLET, 44 years old

Founder, associate executive director of ORIZA / LA BELLEVILLOISE

President of CULTPLACE cluster (a factory of cultural living spaces, with 5 locations open to the public, 7 new locations underway, 180 employees, the capacity to host over 1,000 events per year and welcome 700,000 guests)

President of Réseau des Musiques Actuelles de Paris (M.A.P.) and of the Association de Médiation pour un Usage Optimal de la Nuit “Les Pierrots de la Nuit”.

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As a young man in the 90s, he was first involved in the activities of humanitarian and artistic associations (Amnesty International, Médecin du Monde, Utopia Festival, …) before becoming a live performance producer (La Symphonie Indienne, Circus Baobas, l’Affaire Desombre de Schuiten et Peeter, featuring artists such as Ravi Prasad, Talvin Singh, Régine Chopinot, Ray Lema,…). He later started working for different institutions and became a line producer (year of Morocco in France, year of Algeria, …). In the early 2000s, he breathes new life into la Bellevilloise, with the help of his associates (Philippe Jupin and Renaud Barillet), becoming a recognized cultural entrepreneur in the process (with the public opening of La Bellevilloise in 2006, the transformation of La Rotonde place Stalingrad in 2012, of La Petite Halle de La Villette in 2013, …)

In 2014, alongside his associate Fabrice Martinez, he specializes in the creation of cultural living spaces, and co-founds the Cultplace cluster. Thanks to their expertise in creating public spaces dedicated to cultural production, Cultplace was able to acquire and open new locations: Totem-Scène Nationale de Sénart (2015), Grand Marché Stalingrad on La Rotonde’s site (2017), Dock B at Pantin (2017), Poinçon-Paris (2017) in the Montrouge station of the former “Little Belt” railway… And starting in 2019: Lyon-Blandain, Brazza Bellevilloise in Bordeaux, Etoile Voltaire in Paris, 88 Ménilmontant …

Self-taught, animated by a tireless curiosity and a love for architecture, he is also an advocate of individual liberties and spreading ideas of progress. He continues to advise and create public spaces that aim to be innovative, pioneering, and open to new ideas and creative initiatives.

Key dates:

1990s: Involved in humanistic and associative activities (Amnesty International, Médecins du Monde, Europe 2001 – Cultures of the World).

1993: Organizes the Cultures du Monde (Cultures of the World) Festival and Libertés Utopia Festival, featuring 500 artists and prominent figures including Albert Jacquard, Monseigneur Jacques Gallot, Bernard Kouchner, …

1996: Participates in the production of Mythia, Ravi Prasad’s Indian Symphony for the UN’s 50th anniversary, presented at Palais de l’Unesco and later at l’Olympia.

From 1998 to 2006: Producer of L’Affaire Desombres, a 52-minute docudrama performance, edited by Casterman, with authors François Schuiten, Benoît Peeters, and Bruno Letort.

Manager and producer of Ravi Prasad’s shows, including Malbar Experience, in collaboration with Le Pôle des Musiques Actuelles de La Réunion (Réunion’s Contemporary Music Center), and the production of Entre Deux with Régine Chopinot, with the participation of Talvin Singh, …

Worked as producer, with project director, Isabelle Sage and artistic director, Pierrot Bidon, for the Circus Baobab company (40 artists) for a period of four years, a first in the world of contemporary African travelling circuses.

Producer on various shows, films, albums, namely Les Orientales during the Year of Algeria in France, including the triple DVD co-produced by MK2.

Line producer of a number of events, among which are the thematic years of Morocco (Paris-Casa, Suites Marocaines) and Algeria (produced concerts at the Mogador Theater), …

1998: The Bellevilloise adventure begins with the acquisition of the space, as he simultaneously develops, with his associate Philippe Jupin, their music recording and publishing company Jupin Barillet Associés, all the while working on a number of musical productions with artists like Ray Lema, Ravi Prasad, Manu Chao, …

2003: Co-founds the proposed public re-opening of La Bellevilloise – iconic cooperative location initially created in 1877, with Fabrice Martinez and Philippe Jupin.

2006: Creates Oriza S.A.S. La Bellevilloise company, of which he is the general manager.

In 5 years, Oriza has emerged as a major player in the Parisian cultural economy, and La Bellevilloise, the leading independent venue of the capital.

2009: Gradual acquisition, over a period of 7 years, of parcels belonging to an old domain located in Rochefort sur Mer (17) and the implementation of the Rochefort-La Rochelle eco-village, as part of the “Village Bellevilloise” project which aims to restore this 17th century site to accommodate guests, groups, artists, new adventurers, in a preserved domain where nature, culture, adventure, and events blend harmoniously.

2010: Becomes president of the MAP Network,  which brings together Contemporary Music players in Paris: 60 members

2012/2013: Recovery of La Rotonde de la Villette – Place Stalingrad in Paris. The famous building designed by architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux in 1784 is now a popular meeting place overlooking the Ourcq canal that provides one of the biggest green terraces in Paris, as well as a dining area. It has now grown into the “Grand Marché Stalingrad”, simultaneously offering a catering service and support to new creative design ideas.

2013: Obtains, with Olivier Poubelle (Asterios, Le Bataclan, La Maroquinerie) and Alice Vivier (La Loge), the delegation of public service given by the city of Paris for the Trois Baudets, an iconic venue of French song, that hosted the early performances of Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsbourg, Henri Salvador, Boris Vian, Juliette Gréco, …

Creation of La Petite Halle de La Villette: “Scène-comptoir-table” (Counter-Stage-Table) (art direction: Reza Ackbaraly) in the heart of La Grande Halle in La Villette Park and in connection with their program.

2014: Co-Creation of Cultplace with Renaud Barillet as a response to the demands of local authorities and urban planners regarding the creation of cultural living spaces within heritage sites.

2015: Opening of Totem, the belly of Sénart Theater inside the Sénart National Theater (directed by Jean-MIchel Puiffe).

From 2014 to 2017, a number of call for projects are won and partnerships established, among which:

– The Brazza Bellevilloise project in Bordeaux alongside a pool of partners: Hotel M.O.B. (Cyril Aouizerate), Culture Puces and Groupe Cardinal; Architects: Laurent Portejoie and Rémy Marciano.

– The “Belvédère” project in Bordeaux, with Nexity. Architect: Mathis Güller.

– The “Blandan Park – Château de Lamotte” project in Lyon which includes accommodation for 140 beds. Developer-investor: Carré d’Or immobilier. Architects: Charlotte and Clément Vergély.

– Opening of Dock B, La Bellevilloise’s Docks in Pantin (inside what was previously known as the Magasins Généraux – headquarters of BETC Agency) in association with producer Allo Floride (founder of the Grand Train project).

– Renovation and opening of the “Little Belt” railway in Paris between Alesia and Porte d’Orleans in order to implement a new social and cultural equipment known as “Poinçon”, with the aid of Paris Habitat and the city of Paris.

– As part of the “Reinvent Paris” program: restoration of the previous site of the Voltaire power substation around an innovative proposal called Cinéma-Etoile-Voltaire, led by Etoile Cinémas with Thierry Marx (Cuisine Mode d’Emploi) and La Société des Réalisateurs Français (French Society for Film Directors). Architect: Olivier Palatre

– Program designed to transform the former craft workshops located 88 rue de Ménilmontant (where artist Daniel Pipar and his friends Jacques Prévert, Boris Vian liked to stay) before becoming a glass factory and later a legendary squat with the same name, whose activities ceased as the site progressively collapsed. Project of an image and sound factory dedicated to the art and crafts-people of Ménilmontant and Belleville. In collaboration with Paris Habitat. Architect: Charles-Henri Tachon.

Key figures:


– Over 450,000 visitors
– 500 shows including 350 acoustic concerts
– 30 conferences and debates
– 35 exhibitions (photography, painting)
– 25 festivals, fairs, and gatherings
– 95 institutional and business events
– 82 non-relocatable jobs

CULTPLACE, a factory of cultural living spaces (2016)

– 5 locations open to the public
– 7 location on the way
– 180 jobs created
– Over 1,000 annual events
– 700,000 visitors