Designed by utopian and visionary architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, La Rotonde’s progressive transformation into the Grand Marché Stalingrad has turned it into the newest stronghold of design and food in East Paris.


Located in front of the Ourcq canal on Stalingrad place in the 19th district of Paris, La Rotonde has always been a source of intrigue. In a balance of cubic and cylindrical stone, its presence was original even for the standards of the time, and its architect a true visionary of the Age of Enlightenment. It was initially a gate, built in 1784, as part of the Wall of the Farmers-General, and later abandoned before being renovated by the city of Paris and Foncière Paris in 2007.

Since its reopening, the place has never stopped evolving. It was first developed as a restaurant by Renaud Barillet (founder of Cultplace factory and creator of La Bellevilloise, La petite Halle de la Villette, and Dock B in Pantin), offering one of the largest recreational and landscaped garden-patios in Paris. La Rotonde moves with the times and is currently continuing its transformation into the Grand Marché Stalingrad, the new hangout for lovers of design and culinary pleasures.

FOOD.The Grand Marché offers 5 different Food & Drinks bars. Inside, visitors can eat at the Trattoria, run by Christophe Poligani (Lo Zio) or enjoy cocktails and tapas at any hour at Le Refuge. Outside, in various parts of the garden, visitors can come across Nicolas Derrstroff’s original kebabs cooked up in the Zarma booth as well as various other bar-kiosques.

DESIGN. The Grand Marché Stalingrad is also one giant extraordinary concept store dedicated to design, showcasing emerging creators and vintage production, in a mix of second-hand, odd, and practical objects. A gallery also hosts contemporary creations and installations, alongside a unique restaurant.

Worth noting: an “objects menu” allows visitors to buy the carefully selected furniture and objects that surround them.

MUSIC. Among other things, the Grand Marché Stalingrad is also a musical atmosphere that flows in and out of its different spaces, as well as a programmed Miniclub, open all night on week-ends and animated by emerging and creative DJ collectives.

IMPLEMENTATION. The Grand Marché Stalingrad will continue to progressively develop while still regularly hosting events such as: thematic markets on different regions of the world, “waterfront market” on Tuesdays and Saturdays, pop-up stores, artistic gatherings, exhibitions, Record Store Day, … and more and more activities and games – both unusual and classic – for all ages, spread out around the site, which visitors can discover as they wander around.