Your factory of culinary emotion

Sharing, conviviality, and flavorful pleasures all in one, unites your team and makes your event even more meaningful.

Chefs at the heart of the event

We created Chutney and Co in 2007, with the desire to visually place chefs at the core of the event; men and women, breathing and living examples that embody the strength of our company, constantly bringing meaning and creativity to it all.

Ecological considerations encourage us to privilege short distribution channels by working with local suppliers.

A human adventure in the service of a creative and friendly cuisine

Our smiles and accessibility aren’t just a commitment. They are also who we truly are… add to that a couple grains of madness that characterizes our sometimes spicy, mostly flavorful, world cuisine.

Our colors are daring, our habits game-changing, and our service flawless.

Savor, taste, discover – all these words encourage a shared experience.

It is in this exchange that we renew our ideas and our creations.


Strengthen ties

Chutney is:

– a tailor-made offer

– for seminars or receptions

– can accommodate 40 to 3,000 guests

– a “locavore” approach


We also pay special and rigorous attention to certain food constraints:

– religious

– cultural

– organic

– vegan

– gluten-free


Flavors from all over the world

The menu thought up by our Chef Olivier plays with textures and colors. His recreational and innovative cuisine is an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery. Trained under starred chefs in Paris and Buenos Aires, he has been putting all of his imagination and rigor in the service of Chutney for 10 years.

Chutney, a Cultplace partner

In 2015, we joined the Cultplace Cluster (a factory of cultural living spaces) to offer you a selection of exclusive locations (La Bellevilloise, Grand Marché Stalingrad, La Petite Halle de la Villette, Totem, Dock B., Poinçon µ Paris, …) with which we share the same values. What started as a professional encounter has become a heart-winning and lasting working relationship in which every effort is made to serve customer satisfaction.