A real beach, only a stone’s throw from Paris

La Plage de Lys Chantilly – an unusual and mythical place in Boran-Sur-Oise – is about to enter its new golden age. A popular destination from 1933 to the 80s, this exceptional recreational complex was later abandoned and is now coming back to life, much to the delight of the public.

This bright idea came from Guillermo Spivak, in association with Renaud Barillet and the Bellevilloise, after a couple fully renovated the water sports center for their wedding in 2013. La Plage is a gathering place, opend to discovery, culture, creation, and most of all, festivities.

The originality of this place will transpire in its eccentric and eclectic program, as well as its ambition to “break the mold”.

A beautiful rehabilitation project is underway: the major works will be launched in October and doors will open in 2017.